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Between Classes There Are Dreams

by Simon Weber

Switzerland / China, April 2017
Documentary, 18 min.

Chinese / english / german

Wu Chenchen participates in a try-out to get the leading female role in the upcoming school play. In December she turns twenty years old. She made a bet with her friends she’ll meet her first boyfriend before that. Will she receive some help from the heroine in the play in pursuing love? Tang Gonglin is looking for some directions in life. Poem writing helps him to express his conflicted emotions. Until now it’s only by drinking tea when his soul lights up.


Trailer Between Classes There Are Dreams

Trailer Between Classes There Are Dreams

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Directed by: Simon Weber
Written by: Simon Weber

Cinematography: Tom Gibbons, Stephan Huwyler, Peiyuan He, Luzius Wespe
Editing: Stephan Heiniger, Simon Weber, Shixue Chen
Location Sound Mix: Chaojun Tang , Antonia Meile, Stefanie Klemm
Sound Editing: Liya Wei
Sound Design: Stefan Nobir Birrer
Rerecording Sound Mix: Manu Gerber
Music: Paul Mottram, James Banbury, Jasmine Flower, Igor Dvorkin

Production: outreach gmbhShanghai Theatre Academy STAVoltafilm GmbH
Producer: Lucie Bader Egloff, Fang Fang

Distribution: outreach gmbh (Contact)

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