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Chen Chen

by Franziska Schlienger

Switzerland / China, 2017

Documentary, 15 min.

Chinese / english / german

Chen Chen’s life is dedicated to beauty and money. With his glamorous lifestyle he stands for a new generation: successful young people who managed to settle in the city, working hard in their creative studios during the day and celebrating their extravagant lives in bars at night. But although he drives a Porsche, Chen Chen lives in a small flat with his brother and his dog. Twice a week he skypes with his mother who urges him to get married.


Trailer Chen Chen

Trailer Chen Chen

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Directed by: Franziska Schlienger
Written by: Franziska Schlienger

Cinematography: Chen Wang
Editing: Franziska Schlienger
Location Sound Mix: Chen Wang
Music: Danijel Zambo

Production: outreach gmbhShanghai Theatre Academy STA

Distribution: outreach gmbh (Contact)

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