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Rising Dragon

by Antonia Meile

Switzerland / China, 2017
Documentary, 19 min.

Chinese / english / german

In contrast to the western culture, in ancient chinese tradition people sent prayers to the dragon, because it was a symbol for power and water which garantees good weather for farming. Today the perception of the dragon has changed. Many Chinese see it as a symbol of the nation itself – some think of China as a sleeping dragon. As the young elite four Chinese students have to deal with the conflicts between their cultural roots and the fast modern world of entertainment and profit. How do they preserve the ancient traditions whilst the national economy booms? They prepare for the future. They prepare to rise, like an awakened dragon.


Trailer Rising Dragon

Trailer Rising Dragon

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Directed by: Antonia Meile
Written by: Antonia Meile

Cinematography: Stephan Huwyler
Editing: Titus Bütler
Location Sound Mix: Liya Wei
Rerecording Sound Mix: Thomas Gassmann, Chang Liu

Production: outreach gmbhAntonia Meile FilmproduktionShanghai Theatre Academy STA
Producer: Lucie Bader Egloff, Fang Fang
Executive Producer: Fang Fang

Distribution: outreach gmbh (Contact)

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