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Traces on my skin

by Stefanie Klemm

Switzerland / China, April 2017
Documentary, 17 min.

Chinese / english / german

Four Chinese college graduates are brought together through an art project: Xi Roulan, an artist who invites strangers to her home. Qian Kecheng, a freelance illustrator who thrives on the freedom the megacity has to offer. Jiang Bo, a graphic designer, looking for steady employment. Cheng Minxian, a young woman working at one of the city’s most renown event agencies, while living with her parents.

While eager for life experience they yearn to lift their careers off the ground. Unified by their passion for life and self-determination, they long for an escape from anonymity.


Trailer Traces on my skin

Trailer Traces on my skin

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Directed by: Stefanie Klemm
Written by: Stefanie Klemm

Cinematography: Tom Gibbons
Editing: Stefanie Klemm
Location Sound Mix: Stefanie Klemm
Rerecording Sound Mix: Huanzhen Hu
Music: Tom Gibbons

Production: outreach gmbhShanghai Theatre Academy STA
Producer: Lucie Bader Egloff, Yun Long Song, Fang Fang

Distribution: outreach gmbh (Contact)

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